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Hello there,my name is Andrei Burcea,i’m 18 years old and i’m photographer from Brasov,Romania.I'm currently a student at design and my goal is to become a professional photographer,and also i'm a longboarder sponsored by shop longboard.ro.
PS: that is a Zorki 4 film camera
You can check my 500px portofolio here http://500px.com/AndreiBurcea
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Anonymous asked:
What's you're best memory about 9bfd and10bbe ???

Aw hell to to many lol

Anonymous asked:
who would it be?

Idk haha :)

Anonymous asked:
i'm in your year, just curois to see if you would lol

Rightly haha

Anonymous asked:
would you date anyone at hargest?

Would I, most likely haha

Anonymous asked:
because people want to know :)

Well I ain’t telling :)

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